Freelance, 1953 - 1954 and furthered studied at Art Students League as a member until return to Royer & Roger
December 1954 as studio and Production Manager on House accounts.

Profesional life

1955 - Assistant art director at Dean Earl Graphic Arts
with work on following accounts:

Lay-out, Type spec and Mechanicals for -Super Market Institute
Philco Radio and TV
Dumont TV
Elrick Communicator
Radio Printing
Silent Watchman
General Electric

1956 - Art Director AMI Associates, 130 West 20th st. New York City till the present:
Croton Watches
Benrus Watches
Movado Watches
Boyle Midway
American Banking Assn.
Raimond Silverware
Darlene Knitwear
Tiago Colognes and Perfumes
Prince Matchabelli
WNBC Radio, Columbia Records
Liquor Store
Promotions Catalogue
L'Oreal of Paris

Freelance same period for Gene Brod Agency:
various hard & soft goods accounts

Fine Art History

Various exhibitions of Oils at Larcada Gallery and several mix media exhibitions nationally.

Paintings in private collections
New York, New Jersey, Washington D.C.
Carnegie International Exhibition, Merrill Galleries in New York